SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Youth Electric Longboard
SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Youth Electric Longboard
Best Value
SWAGTRON SwagBoard 330Lbs Voyager Electric Longboard
SWAGTRON SwagBoard 330Lbs Voyager Electric Longboard
Premium Pick
BLITZART Tornado Electric Skateboard Longboard
BLITZART Tornado Electric Skateboard Longboard
Great Choice

Buying the best skateboard for your use can be tricky if you are just beginning. With limited money in your pocket, you could end up with a poor design. Don’t worry. I have prepared these best cheap electric skateboard reviews to give you the best buys for your money.

Why this Post?

We have done comprehensive research, chosen the best out of comparisons, looked at user reviews, and pooled the best cheap designs before rounding up the A-list. In addition to that, we have included a buying guide to help you choose the ideal design.

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Top 7 Best Cheap Electric Skateboard 2022

Image Name Price Top
Battery Max
SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Youth Electric Longboard SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Check Price 11 MPH 24 V 176 lbs
SWAGTRON SwagBoard 330Lbs Voyager Electric Longboard SWAGTRON SwagBoard Voyager Check Price 15 MPH 24 V 330 lbs
BLITZART Tornado 17mph Electric Skateboard Longboard BLITZART Tornado Check Price 17 MPH 36 V 300 lbs
BLITZART Huracane 17mph Electric Skateboard Longboard BLITZART Huracane Check Price 17 MPH 36 V 250 lbs
RazorX 29-Inch Electric Skateboard RazorX Electric Skateboard Check Price 10 MPH 36 V 220 lbs

1. SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Youth Electric Longboard

Our first best cheap electric skateboard review is the SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Youth Electric Longboard. Full of the coolest features, this board is one of the fastest that I know of today.

It uses a 24 Volts battery. The battery is a Li-On Fe Battery that enables the board to hit some insane speeds. On a good day, the best swagboard ng-1 reviews say that this board could hit up to 11 MPH.

The board also goes for long distances once fully charged. A single charge could leave you with about 10 miles of pure adrenaline rush and enjoyment.

Better still, the board uses a wireless remote. The LED remote can be used to access the board remotely and to control its speeding, braking, and how it cruises. It is also used to keep tabs of the board’s battery level and speed on the status bar.

One other thing that’s transparent is the strength of this board. I realized that this board is not only built to last but that it is also highly reliable on high speeds. Thanks to the maple wood deck that’s extremely rugged and built for heavy use.

To make the experience better, the board uses an additional grip tape. The tape allows any rider to get much more traction on their motorized skate too.

And the wheels are great. I know every swagboard ng-1 review will attest to that. Designed from high-end polyurethane wheels, they provide the best shock absorption and eventually a smooth ride.

Finally, the board is equipped with the latest SentryShield battery technology. This makes your battery safe and free from any form of damages even when on rugged surface.


    • 11 MPH Max Speed
    • 24 Volts battery
    • Li-On Fe Battery
    • LED remote
    • High-end polyurethane wheels
    • SentryShield battery technology


    • Accelerates very fast
    • Hits top speed of 11 MPH
    • Have high-end wheels
    • Uses remote control technology
    • Easy to learn and use


    • Complex user manual
    • No wrist wraps for its remote

Tips: If you need a UL 2272 certified SwagBoard, which has met all the safety requirements, this board is your best shot.

2. SWAGTRON SwagBoard 330Lbs Voyager Electric Longboard

The SWAGTRON SwagBoard 330Lbs Voyager Electric Longboard is another best cheap electric skateboard to go for. It is a great budget buy and one of the most reliable brands that I have seen.

First, the board is designed to hit top speeds. It is capable of hitting 15Mph and will give you a smooth ride too. Thanks to the skateboard’s dual 350W motor technology that has been improvised on the wheels.

On one full charge, this awesome board will give you up to 15 miles range of pure fun. When I tested it, I was taken by its ability to also change directions fast.

By the use of a wireless remote, the board is able to respond fast with just a click. It is capable of accelerating, braking, and taking on curves. Thanks to this latest technology.

Its battery is also very durable. Many users agree that the swagtron voyager electric longboard is one model that’s powered by the most durable lithium iron phosphate battery. This means that it is reliable with high performance.

Apart from the long-lasting lithium battery, the deck is hard. It is strong and is also built to last. It incorporates a seamless combination of bamboo and the Canadian maple. This gives it the top strengths and a highly flexible edge.

It is also smooth and curvy. The curved design lowers its center of gravity and maximizes on its stability. This is usually the conventional design for anyone who wants a smooth type of riding experience.

Finally, the design also enables the board to hit very high weight capacity. Most top rated reviews including from their own website state that the board can support up to 330 lbs. And this is really good.


    • 350W motor technology
    • 15Mph
    • 15 miles range of pure fun
    • Lithium iron phosphate battery
    • Canadian maple wooden deck
    • Support up to 330 lbs


    • A seamless combination of bamboo
    • Top strengths and a highly flexible edge
    • Easy to curve, chop, and ride
    • Provides higher speed limits


    • Catches dirt easily
    • Takes longer to fully charge

Tips: I suggest you buy the swagtron voyager electric longboard is you are working on a tight budget.

3. BLITZART Tornado 38″ 17mph Electric Skateboard Longboard

For a cheap electric skateboard kit, you would probably write off the BLITZART Tornado 38″ 17mph Electric Skateboard Longboard on the first look. Don’t be deceived, this skateboard is the bomb.

It will give you the best acceleration in no time. Once the speed is gained, the board is able to go up to about 17 MPH. Such a speed on the skateboard is a tall order on any regular type of skateboard.

And as you cruise down the alley in style and great confidence you can always use the wireless remote to get the best out of your skateboard.

You will be able to access the battery status on the remotes bar, control your acceleration and deceleration speeds, brake safely, and use the mode-speed technology if you are just starting out.

Well, the range you get on a single charge is slightly lower when compared to the other best cheap electric skateboard and stands only at 6-8 miles. However, it is still worth the bargain in every angle.

One thing that I found to be quite fascinating is this; the skateboard uses a 36 volts battery. The battery is a 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery which can be charged in just about two hours too. This is fast and can leave you with endless fun.

I have seen many people worried about riding and holding the remote at the same time. Well, you should be. If you look at any rated blitzart tornado review, you will realize that the remote enjoy an ergonomic touch.

It uses the wrist strap technology. This enables you to wrap the remote control around your hand when riding so as to prevent it from dropping.

Thankfully, this high-end board which also enjoys the best reverse capability is designed to give you the value for money. It enjoys the maple wood deck design. The wood is combined with a grip tape to maximize stability and flexibility.

Flexibility is vital for people who love to curve and chop. This strong and also supple deck of 7-ply Canadian maple wood, therefore, leaves you with a high touch of flexibility. Thanks to the 2 bamboo layers set at the bottom.

As the grip tape holds your feet firmly on the board, you will be able to maintain your stability and keep your 300 lbs weight in place.

The board is reliable and uses a 350W Hub-Motor. It has a regenerative brake and will leave you with a ride to remember.


    • Bamboo cover
    • 300 lbs weight
    • 350w hub-motor
    • The 2 bamboo layers
    • Canadian maple wood
    • 0ah lithium-ion battery
    • 36 volts battery
    • 17 mph


    • Best reverse capability
    • Maximize stability and flexibility
    • Remote enjoys an ergonomic touch
    • Curved design lowers its center of gravity
    • Best for cruising


    • Shallow user manual
    • Takes some time to set up

Tips: With a 13 pounds weight, you will have an easy skateboard to move around in. Buy this 38” X9” X5.5” skateboard if you love to travel light.

4. BLITZART Huracane 38″ 17mph Electric Skateboard Longboard

Like the sister above, the BLITZART Huracane 38″ 17mph Electric Skateboard Longboard is also a great buy. Most blitzart electric skateboard reviews have listed it as one of the best cheap electric skateboards you can buy today.

The board is layered with Canadian maple wood and bamboo to provide the best skateboard construction. The layered technology will provide your skateboard with additionally flexibility and also sturdiness. In short, you will be able to hit high speeds, chop, and curve safely.

It is fitted with a grip tape that helps riders to remain secured on their board. However, it is the board’s technology and speed that sweeps most buyers off their feet.

When you buy this board, you will get to use remote access too. The remote technology allows you to ride your electric skateboard in style and also to control many features at your fingertips.

From how you accelerate to how you brake; this cruiser longboard skateboard will provide you with the reliable setting at the touch of a button. Thanks to the ergonomic wireless touch that the remote gives.

When using this modern skateboard, you will be able to hit maximum speeds of 17 MPH. You will also enjoy ranges of 6-8 miles on a full charge.

The board uses a 4.0 Lithium-Ion battery. The battery is secured to prevent any damages when riding and will take only 3 hours to charge fully.

And as the board’s deck provides more flexibility and also sturdiness, you will get a deck that’s able to hold a maximum weight capacity of up to 250lbs.

The board’s efficiency is also maximized by the 350W motor. The hub motor is less prone to problems and gives the deck an aesthetic touch.


    • Canadian maple wood
    • Fitted with a grip tape
    • 0 lithium-ion battery
    • 3 hours to charge fully
    • Remote technology
    • The 350w motor
    • 250lbs


    • Ergonomic wireless touch
    • Maximum flexibility
    • High speeds in short time
    • 38″ wide space deck
    • Smooth rides on any surface


    • Longer charging time
    • Can’t fit in a backpack

Tips: Blitzart huracane reviews attest to its spacious nature. Buy it if you need a wider board for easy movement.

5. RazorX 29-Inch Electric Skateboard

When we first looked at the swagtron electric skateboard review we realized a highly built skateboard. RazorX 29-Inch Electric Skateboard on the other side is the beginners skateboarding board.

RazorX 29-Inch Electric Skateboard is powered by the 125-watt hub motor. The motor provides the lithium-ion electric skateboarding with high speeds.

On a full charge, the board can hit a maximum speed of 10 mph. It can go for 40 minutes and will give you a range of 9 miles too.

The 29.7 inches (754 mm) skateboard’s deck is also made of high-quality material. It is made of a set of 5-ply Canadian Maple Wood.

The wood provides it with a lightweight deck. The deck is very responsive and makes the board perfect for anyone who wants to learn or cruising. Razorx cruiser electric skateboard reviews recommend it for 9 years or more and riders at 220 pounds and below.

In addition to that is wireless. The remote also comes with reverse functionality just like the one above and uses the wrist wrap technology for its remote. As I mentioned, the wrist wrap technology is good at preventing the remote from falling.

The remote can be used for variable-speed controls and for a quick carve-and-turn trick. Thanks to the high-grip urethane skateboard wheels that this model uses, there is often no need to worry as you curve.

Finally, this set of skateboards use the reverse kingpin truck. The technology enhances stability and works with the grip tape to secure your footing on the board.


    • 29-Inch Electric Skateboard
    • 125-watt hub motor
    • 5-ply Canadian Maple Wood
    • 220 pounds
    • Remote Access
    • Reverse kingpin truck


    • The maximum speed of 10 mph
    • Perfect for anyone who wants to learn or cruising
    • Remote also comes with reverse functionality
    • Variable-speed controls
    • Easy to control


    • Slightly lowers speeds
    • Not ideal for rocky surfaces

Tips: RazorX 29 Inch uses a lower motor. This makes it cool for people who are starting out and is easy to control: best for beginners.

6. BLITZART Mini Flash 12mph 28″ Electric Skateboard

Another electric skateboard kit that will blow you away is the BLITZART Mini Flash 12mph 28″ Electric Skateboard.

The board enjoys a contemporary design and is known to hit some cool speeds. In just a few seconds you will be going super-fast. At maximum speeds, you will be able to even hit speeds of 12 MPH.

On a full charge, the board can also take you between 5-8 miles before you can recharge the 24 volts 4.0 Lithium-Ion battery again.

Nonetheless, the battery is properly secured, and you won’t have to worry about damaging it even on rough terrain. It takes two hours to charge and you can get back to the road in no time.

In addition to all these, the skateboard kit also comes with a wireless remote. The remote enjoy an ergonomic design which makes it easy to use.

It feels comfortable and naturally fits in your hand. It is easy to hold and will help you to control how you accelerate, brake, or decelerate. There is also a speed mode for beginners and advanced skaters.

This skateboard is also very durable. It is forged from the Canadian maple wood and uses the grip take to maintain your position on the board.

The maple wood is strong and flexible due to the 5-ply design that’s sandwiched in between 2 bamboo layers.

With its 250W brushless motor, this skateboard is reliable and will support maximum weights of up to 250 lbs on its 2.8″ wheels.


    • 28″ Electric Skateboard
    • 5-8 miles range
    • 24 volts 4.0 Lithium-Ion battery
    • Canadian maple wood
    • 2 bamboo layers
    • 250W brushless motor
    • 250 lbs Weight Capacity


    • The battery is properly secured
    • Speed mode for beginners
    • Skateboard kit also comes with a wireless remote
    • Remote enjoys an ergonomic design
    • Fast response


    • Lower space on deck
    • The battery doesn’t last over two hours

Tips: Best for high speeds. You can also buy it if you are looking for maximum flex and durability.

7. Urban – Portable 17 Inch Mini Electric Skateboard

Most of the skateboards that we have looked at are light and easy to carry around. However, this one beats them all. The Urban – Portable 17 Inch Mini Electric Skateboard is the best portable electric skateboard that you can find.

At just 7 pounds this skateboard enjoys the best paperweight. It sits at 17 inches in length and will, therefore, fit easily in your backpack.

The board uses a lithium battery. It is approved by the FAA as one board that can be packed for onboard travel by any aircraft.

The board employs the Quick Connect Technology that uses a wireless remote to make the board’s operation an easy task.

The use of a remote makes it easy to control the speed, braking, and also acceleration easy. For fast riders, the remote is an effortlessly cool way to hit the road.

It includes 3-speed designs that are good at accommodating all type of riders including beginners, intermediate, and pro riders.

You will find the remote to be super-light and very much unnoticeable. However, the best part is the range and speed.

This board offers maximum speeds of 12 MPH. It uses a 150W motor and gives you a high-end battery design that allows you to hit ranges of 7-10 miles when on a full charge. The battery takes only 1 hour to charge fully.

The board supports 250 lbs. Thanks to its maple wood construction with a combination of bamboo.


    • 17 Inch Mini Electric Skateboard
    • 7 pounds in weight
    • Approved by the FAA
    • Lithium battery
    • Quick Connect Technology


    • Super-light
    • Maximum speeds of 12 mph
    • Maple wood construction
    • 3-speed designs
    • 150w motor
    • Supports 250 lbs


    • Needs a cleaning routine
    • Very light

Tips: Best portable electric skateboard. Buy it if you want a board that’s easy to fit in your duffle bag or which is easy to store and transport.

Cheap Electric Skateboard Buying Guide

If you want to buy the best cheap electric skateboard that suits your needs, here are a few tips that will come in handy.


You need a skateboard that’s properly constructed. It should be strong, durable, and long-lasting. This way, you will be able to get the right value for your money. Here is the thing you need to look at to determine this.


The deck should be made of high-end material. Canadian maple deck has been hailed as the best. If sandwiched between bamboos it also gives the best flex. This combination is usually durable and strong.


The best trucks should be designed from a metallic alloy. Light metals that have been reinforced will do a great job.


High-end polyurethane wheels are super cool. They are not only strong but will also leave you with better shock absorption and also smoother rides. They have the best grip and will guarantee stability at all ends.

electric skateboard wheels
Electric Skateboard Wheels


The next thing that you ought to look at is the weight capacity of the skateboard. This is important because your safety depends on choosing a board that can easily support your weight. Make sure that you don’t weigh more than the recommended weight limit of the skateboard. I always recommend any board that supports 250 lbs and above.


The best electric skateboard will be determined by its power. How much power it generates will also determine the amount of speed limit it can hit and how long it can ride.

The best electric skateboard designs will use hub-motors. Hub motors are better than belt motors because they are less prone to damages. They will also use lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable.

Speed and Range

The highest speed in our reviews is about 18 MPH. The range is over 10 miles. This is not bad for someone who rings for fun. Better still, it will work really well for anyone who wants to get the best thrill out of their skateboarding learning experience.


The remote-control system is a very powerful technology for electric skateboards. This is because the technology used in these boards often requires quick thinking and fast action. There is no better way to do this except through remote access.

Look for a remote device that feels comfy and easy to hold. It should also be lightweight so that you don’t experience any strain along the wrist.


Reviews and user feedback will say so much about the type of electric skateboard you want to buy. The type of experiences that previous users tell will give you a clear picture of what to expect. Some good examples also include the expert swagtron skateboard reviews.


Finally, look at the price. Well, the best price should be one that you can comfortably afford. To get the ideal price, simply do a budget and shop around your budget. It will save you from buying impulsively.


  • What Is Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboard are skateboarding decks that use hub motors and battery power to cruise. Most electric skateboards will also employ the remote control technique for easy control once they power up.

  • Is Electric Skateboard Safe?

Yes. From the best cheap electric skateboards to the pricey models, there is always the use of high-end technologies that will guarantee your safety. The best technologies include the use of durable maple wood and bamboo for strength and reliability.

Some models will also use premium grip tape to secure your feet on the board. And because these models go very fast, remote controls have been using to provide fast access and quick response too.

  • How Does an Electric Skateboard Work?

Electric skateboard uses a rechargeable battery to power up the board. The power generated then rolls the motor in action which in turn accelerates the wheels to provide movement/ motion. Once on speed, you can then use the remote access to brake, decelerate, or even accelerate.

  • How Much Is an Electric Skateboard?

Because these skateboards come with different technologies, manufacturers, and designs, putting a specific price on them is hard. However, from 100 USD, you should be able to get a great board.

  • What is the Best Electric Skateboard?

Going by the many expert reviews that I have looked at, I would say the swagtron skateboard reviews have blown me away. In my view and having looked at what previous users also say, I would vouch for the SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Youth Electric Longboard.

  • Do you have to Wear a Helmet on an Electric Skateboard?

Yes. Wearing a helmet is a safety precaution that you shouldn’t ignore. In case of an accident, you will keep your head safe.

  • Are Evolve Skateboards Waterproof?

Yes. With the changing technology, we have finally realized some of the best skateboards in the market with waterproof designs.

  • Are Electric Skateboards Illegal?

No. On the contrary, these boards are legal. They go through rigorous tests before they can be allowed into the market.

  • Are Electric Skateboards Dangerous?

That depends. Electric skateboards should be dangerous if you follow all the safety precautions such as wearing protective gears including kneepads and helmets.


I now suppose that with the help of our reviews, you are able to buy the best cheap electric skateboard for your use. There is always the improvement space and you don’t have to worry at all.

Once you get better, you can always buy a better pair. If you have some extra cash to spare you can upgrade. Nonetheless, there are a number of cheap electric skateboard that outperforms even the pricey model.

I have included a few of such here so that you can get quality buy for your money. Just make sure that you identify your needs first. These needs will include how you want to ride, where you want to ride, how often you will ride, and which type of experience you plan on having.

That no brainer I know. So don’t wait, start off with our best swagtron electric skateboard review and get a design to die for.

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