Are you starting out on skating? Do you need a good board at a great price? The best electric skateboard under 500 dollars will do. Take a look at our best reviews and choose a brand that suits your needs.

Why this Post?

Every skateboard design that we have included here was experimented by the four of us. They were also compared to over 50 top rated brands that we found in many other reviews. And more importantly, they were also picked based on what feedback they received from other online buyers.

Take your time and also look at the buying tips that we have included here for you!

Top 5 Best Electric Skateboard Under $500 For 2022

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1. SWAGTRON SwagBoardYouth NG-1 Electric Longboard

The very first best electric skateboard under 500 that we highly recommend you to buy in case you need a great electric skateboard to go with is the SWAGTRON SwagBoard Youth NG-1 Electric Longboard.

It is a stylish board with a cool blend of orange wheels and black deck. The board is a top performer and enjoys a reliable max power 24V Li-Ion battery.

The battery is also designed with the SentryShield technology that keeps it safely tucked on the board.

If the battery fully charged will take your board to about 11 MPH and more importantly up to a range of 10 miles.

And to maximize your personal riding experience, the board comes with wireless LED remote that allows you to easily control the board at top speeds, decelerate and even “break” the board efficiently and finally to cruise control the board.

The LED remote is also designed to show you the skating board’s speed and more importantly its battery status.

Thanks to the stylish polyurethane wheels that this board has, it enjoys high-end durability, quality shock absorption, and unbelievably smooth experience when riding.

The board is very stable too and is designed with a durable maple wood with the premium grip tape.

Because of this, it allows any rider to have better traction while riding on it. It is UL 2272 certified and meets all the safety requirements that a great electric skating board should have when built.

For the people who always want the best rides without any worry of missing the top experience, this board is highly affordable and will leave you with some of the best riding experiences of all time.


    • Dimensions: 4 x 32 x 9 inches
    • Weight: 10 pounds
    • Color: Black with Orange Wheels
    • 24V Li-Ion battery
    • Electric Longboard
    • Sentry Shield technology
    • Wireless LED remote
    • UL 2272 certified


    • Easy to use the board
    • Stylish polyurethane wheels
    • Top speeds of up to 11 mph
    • Very affordable
    • LED supported


    • Not App Supported
    • Uses so much battery power (Smartboard)

2. SwagtronSwagboard Advanced Spectra Electric Cruiser Skateboard

The next best electric skateboard under 500 dollars that we are going to look at is the SwagtronSwagboard Advanced Spectra Electric Cruiser Skateboard. It is a complete board with very many cool features.

The board has an AI system that is well equipped to master how you ride so that the board can give you the ultimate riding experience easily.

Apart from the high end AI Riding System, the board is also extremely easy to control. You can easily do so by the use of your body movement.

It has the ability to be recharged pretty fast so that you can enjoy longer and more satisfactory rides every time you choose to get out and cruise.

You can decelerate fast and accelerate even faster irrespective of whether you are going down ramps or along the roads.

In fact, this best electric skating board will easily give you the highest performance and even hit the top ranges of about 12.4 miles for every full charge.

The good thing is the board has 3 different speed levels and also an awesome climbing capacity of about 15°.

It will easily support different riders so long as they don’t go past the 187 lbs weight capacity.

Even better, this skating board has cool LED Indicators that will allow you to stand out perfectly under low lit areas and more importantly in the night.

The LED headlight is also installed to allow you to monitor this rechargeable skating board’s battery status.

Yet the real deal is the APP controlled ability that this board has. You can, therefore, connect it really fast to either an iOS or Android and use the App to even adjust the speed, to lock your cruiser, and share photos.


    • Dimensions: 19.4 x 11.1 x 5.3 inches
    • Weight: 18 pounds
    • Color: Black
    • AI System
    • App-Enabled
    • Electric Cruiser Skateboard


    • Mini skateboard
    • Easy to control
    • App-enabled ability
    • 12 miles range in a single charge
    • Top speeds of 15 mph


    • Not so wide on the rack
    • Not ideal for new learners

3. Maxfind 18.6 mph Electric Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

At 38 inches, this hub brush motor skateboard is indeed another top rated electric skateboard under 500 dollars.

It is high performing and will hit maximum speeds of up to 18.6 mph in no time. It also offers a maximum range of 8 miles on a single charge and enjoys a 25% grade when it comes down to hill climbing.

The Maxfind 18.6 mph Electric Longboard Skateboard Cruiser is also equipped with a 36V lithium-ion battery that easily charges to full capacity in under 1 hour so that you can easily enjoy your rides.

It supports high weight capacity riders of up to 220 pounds and offers so much flexibility when taking sharp corners at high speeds.

And if there is the one feature of this board that you will fall head over heels for is the pro-remote control system that offers 2 distinct riding modes.

This remote offers full control, easy navigation, and safer riding experience, while the stiff deck flex also increases the stability of the board at higher speeds.

Like the other boards before it, this one is also designed using the top-rated Canadian maple wood and a bamboo deck.

It is designed with an 8-ply touch sandwiched between two layers of bamboo to provide maximum flexibility and also sturdiness.

The brushless hub-motors are very much reliable and provide the board with an aesthetic appearance.

Thanks to its wide deck, the board is also stable and very easy to start on. It is therefore super ideal for new riders and those who want to learn the most basic skateboard riding skill and tricks too.

It is a quieter board with maximum heat dissipation. The board also offers up to 6 months of warranty for any manufacturing defects that might show up.


    • Pro-remote-control system
    • 2 distinct riding modes
    • Dimensions: 4 x 38 x 9 inches
    • Weight: 13 pounds
    • 36V Li-Ion battery
    • Electric Longboard
    • Canadian maple wood /bamboo deck
    • 8-ply
    • Brushless hub-motors


    • High weight capacity
    • 6 mph top speeds
    • 8 miles range on a single charge
    • Under 1 hour charging to full capacity
    • Portable design


    • Slightly weighty compared to the others
    • Shallow user manual

4. ACTON Blink Lite World’s Lightest Electric Skateboard

ACTON Blink Lite World’s Lightest Electric Skateboard is the best electric skateboard cheap offer that will dazzle you with some of its very best features. It is a performer and more importantly a cruiser.

The board is also easy to control, with reasonable speed limits, and sizable deck that gives it a super lightweight and a limited weight capacity.

The board can actually hold up to 130 pounds of weight and will hit 5 miles range on a single charge.

That’s the one reason why it is highly recommended for young riders including kids and teens and also loved by beginners.

Unlike other skateboards that we have seen, the Action BLINK Lite is really fun to ride on and a playful electric skateboard.

It is perfect for a cool riding experience around the town and even in school. It has a reliable pack of lithium-ion batteries that maximizes its performance.

It is very light and weighs just about 7.7 pounds which makes it the best electric skateboard under 500 dollars that you can carry around trips, in planes, and when changing the town.

In fact, many people who own this board agree that it is super lightweight electric skateboard that you can easily pack up to school, work, and trips.

And here is the catch, the board is Bluetooth remote controlled. You can therefore easily turn the board on and off remotely by a just a single flick of the switch.

To choose forward or reverse is also easy and all you’d need to do is to press the lever and off you go!

With a six-month warranty, this board will be safe in case of any manufacturer defect as you won’t pay up a single dollar to get it fixed.


    • Color: Black with Green Wheels
    • Electric Skateboard
    • Dimensions: 10.4 x 7.1 x 30.7 inches
    • Pack of lithium-ion batteries
    • Weight: 7.7 pounds
    • Bluetooth Enabled


    • World’s Lightest board
    • Hold up to 130 pounds
    • Hit 5 miles range
    • Easy to pack and carry
    • Highly recommended for young riders
    • Easy to control
    • Very affordable


    • Catches dirt easily after long rides
    • Needs regular cleaning and maintenance

5. SKATEBOLT Electric Cruiser Longboard Skateboard with Remote Controller

Most likely the best electric skateboard for NYC, SKATEBOLT Electric Cruiser Longboard Skateboard with Remote Controller is indeed a great buy for anyone who would choose to go with it.

It is designed to keep you cruising for up to 18.6 miles when it comes with a fully charged battery.

The board enjoys a set of dual motors and will easily attain top speeds of up to 25 mph in no time.

It is well-designed and enjoys maximum strength that provides it with resilience to climb slopes of up to 25° including steep hills.

The strength has been forged from the 8 layers maple wood deck that makes the design sturdier and durable enough to support maximum weights of up to 280 lbs.

Nonetheless, the wheel size (90 mm) and patch are also large and wide enough and provide a smooth riding experience but more importantly a stable skateboard touch.

The board’s design is super cool and enjoys a set of tail lights for much-needed visibility under dim lit areas and also safety.

The 2 red taillights serve as a set of warning lights and will do a good job at keeping accidents at bay especially when riding in high traffic areas and also dark streets.

And while the taillight blinks to warn any vehicles behind you, they also provide a stylish touch to your skateboards.

Thankfully, the job is even made easier by the fact that the board can be controlled remotely and comes with a wireless remote control that has been ergonomically designed for smooth and easy use.

You can, therefore, control speed mode, turn on taillights, brake and even check the lithium battery capacity for this 6-month warranty skateboard.


    • Dual 500 W Motor
    • Dimensions: 39 x 9.5 x 5.5 Inch
    • Color: Black
    • Weight: 19 pounds
    • Lithium Battery
    • Remote controlled
    • 8 Layers Maple Wood Deck


    • 25 MPH Top Speed
    • Easy to ride
    • 6 Miles Max Range
    • Spacious deck
    • Easy to control remotely
    • Durable


    • Slightly expensive compared to the rest
    • At top speed might be hard to control
    • Weighty

Considerations When Buying the Best Electric Skateboard Brands

Whether you are buying the best electric skateboard for college, for a gift, or just a board for your use, you will always want to have the very best. These tips that we are going to give you will help you to round up a great design.


Always take a look at how much the board goes for and if you can afford it. Remember pricey doesn’t always mean the best and that you can always get some of the best and cheapest electric skateboards by going with offers including discounted prices and warranties.


Like any other electric device, the best electric skateboard under 500 also comes with powerful motors. Motors are usually responsible for the board’s performance capacity including the inclination that they will climb and the top speeds that they will attain.

Look for dual motors if you love speed and want to be in total control. You can also look for the higher numbers. For instance, a 250 W motor won’t match the power of a 500 W motor.


While it might be a disadvantage sometimes, the size of the skateboard’s deck will always play a crucial role when it comes to what you need. Look for smaller and mini boards for your kids. The larger board will suit beginner adults as they are much more stable. While medium boards will require riders who already know how to balance.


Not far from the size of the board is the weight. If you love to travel a lot or even loathe carrying heavy things, going with a lighter skating board will be really cool. However, if you want something sturdy and strong you might look for additional weight.


The strength of the board and its ability to support large weights is usually derived from how they are built and what they are built from. The best material to build a strong electric skateboard under 500 dollars is usually the maple wood. The strength of the board will depend on the number of layers that the board is set on such as 8 layers vs. 7 layers.


How flexible the board is usually determined by how it is designed. The most top rated board will always be sandwiched between two bamboo sheets as bamboo is flexible and won’t break easily too.


In comparison to how much you weigh, you should find out if the weight capacity that the skateboard will support can actually match yours. It would be pretty bad if the board you buy actually crushes under your weight.


Looking at a top-rated electric skateboard vs longboard you will realize that both designs usually come with an inbuilt battery pack that provides the energy they need to stay on the road. While most boards depending on their design and specialty will support different battery packs, one thing is very important. You need a design that has a rechargeable battery system.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, for instance, will last longer and provide you with regular energy whenever you want to ride on your best electric skateboard brands.

Remote Access


And to maximize the efficiency of how these board ride, it is always very important that you look for a board that supports modern technology. Look for App enabled skateboard systems so that you make your work simple.

Top rated electric skateboards that support remote access, for instance, will easily enjoy quick control, reversing, speeds, battery power tracking, and many other things. This is much more efficient and also easy to work with.

You Must Know: Things you should know before buying an Electric Skateboard or Longboard

Best Electric Skateboard Vs Longboard: Other Need-to-Know Facts

Let us give you a few additional tips that will guarantee a top rated electric skateboard design the easy way. Find them in this simple FAQs format.

How Much Does An Electric Skateboard Cost?

Skateboard range in prices depending on design, features, and sometimes brand. They can go lower than 500 USD or higher. The best and cheapest electric skateboard and longboards will, therefore, depend on your purchasing power and what you prefer.

Who Makes The Best Electric Skateboard?

There are many companies that make very good skateboards. The ones that we have mentioned in our review today have all designed some of the best electric skateboards. However, people will always have their brand of preference and personally, I am a SwagtronSwagboard guy.

Where Can I Buy Electric Skateboard?

There are many skateboarding stores that you can walk in and purchase your skateboard at any time. However, if you want to get the most affordable prices, unlimited brands to choose from, a range of prices, discounts, no-middleman, fewer fees, and direct chit chat with the manufacturer, buying online will be the best thing to do.

Which Electric Skateboard Can I Buy?

Always buy an electric skateboard that suits your needs, your skill, and your style of riding. The same applies to when you are looking for a longboard. If the board takes care of all your skating needs, then why not?

How Do Electric Skateboards Work?

Take an example of the best electric skateboard for NYC. As the battery supplies current, it powers up the motor which in turn will start to turn the inbuilt pulley. The pulley will then turn the wheel and trigger motion. Systems will dual motor might cause wheels to spin so much before it takes off.

How To Ride Electric Skateboard?

Simply prop yourself up on the board. Once set you should make sure that you are stable by putting any of your legs in front and the remaining one on the tail of the board. Then you can use your remote to start your skateboard and ride out. Always adjust the speed to one that you can control easily.

Are Electric Skateboards Street Legal?

Yes. Electric skateboards can be used on the streets. Just make sure that you have safety light or LED lights that will improve visibility to prevent any accidents.

How Fast Does An Electric Skateboard Go?

This depends on the board design but more importantly the motor capacity, battery capacity, and also the weight of the board among other things.

Are Electric Skateboards Safe?

Yes. They are designed with numerous features including remote access to enhance control and keep you safe along with your ride. The wheels are also tailor-made for specific types of rides including downhill cruising.


Now you must have the slightest idea of how to choose your best electric skateboard under 500 dollars. By following these reviews you will even make your work much simple as you can easily pick one of the top brands that we highlighted and start on an epic skateboarding journey too.

Nonetheless, there are a few more things that you will need to also keep in mind once you are set. They include feedback from previous users, offers such as discounted prices, warranties, type of terrain that you plan to ride on, compatibility of the design you choose with additional parts, and finally the ease of upgrading your skateboard.

These tips will also help you to pick the best electric skateboard and end up with one in a lifetime kind of experience. Skating is usually pure fun and the faster you get prepared the better it will be for you.

Choose these top rated designs and give yourself and your loved ones a skating experience to remember.

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