SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike
SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike
Best Value
Ecotric New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike
Ecotric New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike
Premium Pick
Shaofu Folding Electric Bicycle
Shaofu Folding Electric Bicycle
Great Choice

Foldable electric bikes are getting popular among people day by day because of their features. Foldable bikes are getting smarter over time and they offer the abilities that people need. They are easy to use, easy to carry, easy to maintain, easy to store and easy ride. People are getting interested in the electric foldable bike and the manufacturing companies are bringing new models for the people. The foldable E-bike is becoming a part of young people’s lifestyles. We have discussed the top 5 best folding electric bikes reviews and what you need to consider before buy folding electric bikes. So Let’s begin.

Details About Foldable Electric Bikes

As people are getting interested in the foldable bikes and want to buy one, they become confused about which one they should buy! It’s happening because there is a wide option of foldable bike available on the market with different features and abilities.

But don’t worry. We’ve made a guide on the best folding electric bike for you so that you can easily pick the best one. We have reviewed the top 5 folding bikes available in detail and included a buyer’s guide on the best foldable electric bike. Hope, this guide will help you to get the best one for you.

Top 5 Best Folding Electric Bikes 2022

Image Name Price Motor Weight
SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike SwagCycle Pro Check Price 350W 264 lbs 18 MPH
Ecotric New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike Ecotric Folding Electric Bike Check Price 500W 200 lbs 20 MPH
Shaofu Folding Electric Bicycle Shaofu Folding Electric Bicycle Check Price 350W 265 lbs 15.5 MPH
Ancheer Folding Electric Bike Ancheer Folding Electric Bike Check Price 250W 330 lbs 15 MPH
Goplus Folding Electric Bike Goplus Folding Electric Bike Check Price 350W 265 lbs 19 MPH

1. SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike

Compact, Portable, and Stylish

This SwagCycle pro folding electric bike from Swagtron is simply a compact, stylish and highly portable E-bike. This E-bike is little in size. This little bike takes a little space but still, it’s too bulky to carry on a subway or a bus.

Additionally, this bike comes with a modern stylish look and offers several color options. This little beauty is known as the best budget folding electric bike right now as it comes in a very affordable price range.

Robust and Foldable

The SwagCycle pro folding electric bike comes with a sturdy frame that is strong enough to hold up to 264 pounds of weight. So, almost every rider can ride this bike without any kind of worries. Though the main frame of this bike isn’t foldable but the stem and the handlebar are foldable. So, you can transport it easily into your car trunk. You can also store the bike anywhere in your home easily.

Powerful Motor

This little E-bike offers a zero-emission powerful motor that can tackle up to 18 MPH of high speed. The motor creates extreme torque that provides the power to the bike to gain such a speed. This bike is pedal-free so you have to depend on the motor only. And yes, the motor is dependable too. You just need to sit back, place your feet on the pegs and throttle up to go wherever you need to go. This bike presents you an effortless riding when you need it. And the motor is really quiet. So, you can enjoy a noise-free ride with it.

Long-Lasting Charge

This E-bike looks very small but it has a long-lasting charging capacity. With a single charge, this bike can take you up to 15.5 miles. It’s a decent capability. Besides, this bike offers a USB port so you can also charge your device on the way in case you need to charge your mobile devices.

Other Features

Swagtron SwagCycle folding E-bike offers an app control feature. You can connect your Android or iOS device with the Swag Cycle 2 app and track your trip, location, GPS, speed and more. It’s a smart feature. This bike also has a 1-year warranty period from the manufacturer. Besides, this bike offers a dynamic bright headlamp that helps you to travel safely in low light conditions.


    • Headlamp: Bright dynamic frond light.
    • Motor: Powerful and quiet motor.
    • Price: Comes in a very affordable price range.
    • Battery: A single charge can take you up to 15.5 miles at 18 MPH top speed.
    • Frame: Robust and foldable design.


    • Compact, Modern, and stylish design.
    • Dynamic bright headlamp.
    • Comes in an affordable price range.
    • Collapsible neck and sturdy frame.
    • Heads-up display.
    • App connected bike tracking feature.
    • Comes with several color options.


    • Battery life is below average.
    • No adjustable seat option.

2. Ecotric 20″ New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Powerful Motor

The Ecotric 20″ E-bike comes with a powerful 500W strong driving force motor which provides you up to 20 MPH of max speed. This motor is more powerful than any other ordinary E-bike’s motors. With such a powerful motor, you can enjoy a high-speed ride.

Removable Battery

This bike offers a 12Ah 36V removable lithium-ion cell battery to run the motor. The battery usually takes 6-8 hours for a full charge and with a single charge, you can travel up to 18-23 miles. Besides, you can also recharge the battery on the way in case of an emergency as it offers a removable battery.

Aluminum Alloy Frame

Like other premium E-bike, this bike is also constructed with a durable and lightweight aluminum alloy frame. The frame is foldable so you can fold the bike easily and carry wherever you need to. The aluminum alloy frame also made this bike lightweight and durable. So, you get more speed and more durability from this bike. You can use the bike for a long time without worries.

Multiple Working Modes

This folding bike offers 3 working modes- motor power only, pedal-assist, and man-powered only. You can generally ride the bike without the bike’s motor assistance or use pedal assistance with motor power. Besides, if you want to go for an effortless ride, you can depend on the motor only. The powerful motor will serve you well. You can throttle up when you need extra speed.

Other Features

The Ecotric 20″ E-bike is considered as the best fat tire folding electric bike because of its 20″X4.0″ fat tires. It also comes with a front and a rear disc braking system to ensure your safety. In addition, this bike comes with Shimano 7-speed external gear system to make your ride more comfortable. More so, the bike offers an LED display that shows the on-off button, pedal-assist level, battery level, etc. The seat height and the handlebar of the bike can be adjusted so you can adjust them to your comfort level.


    • Gear: Shimano 7-speed gear shifter lever.
    • Motor: Powerful 500W motor.
    • Frame: Durable and lightweight aluminum alloy frame.
    • Battery: Removable 12Ah 36V lithium-ion battery.
    • Brake: Front and rear disc brakes.
    • Speed: 20 MPH max speed.
    • Throttle Type: 1/2 twist variable speed control.


    • Adjustable handlebar and seat height.
    • LED display for bike ride information.
    • Front, rear, and wheels reflectors for better visibility.
    • 20″X4.0″ fat tires for better stability.
    • Multiple working modes.


    • No headlight for riding at night.
    • A little bit heavy.
    • Long battery charging time.

3. Shaofu Folding Electric Bicycle

Ergonomic Compact Design

The Shaofu folding electric bicycle has an ergonomic modern design and it looks really great. This bike is very attractive and very lightweight. It’s just 26.5 pounds in weight and known as the best lightweight folding electric bike. You can carry it anywhere very easily and it fits into any sizes of trunks. The shape of this bike is inspired by the shape of the dolphin and conforms to the pursuit of fashion and freedom of young people.

Better Safety Features

This little beauty features a horn, front headlight, and braking tail-light to provide better safety. Along with these, the bike has a rear disc brake that provides reliable stopping power and greater control. Not only safety features, but it also has an amazing app supporting system. With the Bluetooth system, you have extra control over your bikes such as motor locking, self-start, speed setting, mileage, and time recording.

Effective Power Combination

350W motor and 36V lithium-ion battery made an effective power combination to this dolphin-shaped bike. The motor can push up the bike to achieve up to 15.5 miles of top speed. And the battery takes only 3 hours to be charged. And with a single charge, the bike can go for a ride up to 20 Km.

Foldable Frame

This bike is small enough and the foldable frame has made this bike more portable. A lightweight frame made it a breeze to carry up a flight of stairs. With the innovative alloy frame, this bike can hold up to 265 pounds of load. So, you can ride it without worries and carry it everywhere, even in your office. It takes just a little storage space so you can store it in minimal space. The foldable frame has made this transportation perfect for daily use. This can be a great addition to your lifestyle.

Eco-Friendly E-Bike

Shaofu folding electric bicycle is 100% electric bicycle with zero-emission. It saves both the environment and your wallet. On the other hand, this device has an IPX5 waterproof protection rating that protects your bike on a rainy day trip. The manufacturer also provides a one-year warranty for the motor, charger, and battery.

Other Features

Besides main features, this E-bike has many additional features such as handlebar display for trip information, included UL approved charger, Aluminum alloy seat tube, etc. This little beauty is made to be your best companion to your daily life.


    • Saddle Tube: Aluminum alloy seat tube.
    • Motor: 350W powerful motor.
    • Frame: Foldable innovative alloy frame.
    • Design: Ergonomic, lightweight, and compact design.
    • Safety: Horn, front headlight, and braking tail light.


    • 100% eco-friendly bike with zero-emission.
    • Fast battery charging technology.
    • Compact, lightweight, and modern design.
    • IPX5 water-resistant rating protection.
    • Foldable frame for easier carrying.


    • The brake may be a little bit problematic.

4. Ancheer Folding Electric Bike

Premium Build Quality

Ancheer folding E-bike is simply one of the best folding electric bikes. It comes with premium comfort shock absorption, a high-strength carbon steel front fork, and a double layer aluminum alloy wheel. It also offers front and rear disk brakes which ensure your safety. The disk brakes provide you the dependable stopping power and greater control over the bike.

Foldable Aluminum Frame

This bike adopts a 100% lightweight aluminum alloy which makes it durable. The frame and the handlebar of this Ancheer e-bike can be folded in quickly. So, you can store it with minimal storage space. It measures approximately 58.1 inches in length, 21.8 inches in height and 32 inches in width when folded. You can also store it anywhere because of its folding feature.

More so, the aluminum construction made this bike durable and you can use the bike for a long time without any major problem. And this bike can hold up to 330 lbs of weight.

Motor and Battery Power

This Ancheer E-bike comes with a great power output combination. This bike has 250W powerful motor and an 8Ah 36V removable lithium-ion battery to power that motor. The battery is removable so you can charge it on-frame or off-frame easily. You can charge it while riding because of its removable battery feature.

Additionally, this smart battery has an easy charging port system. With a single charge, you can travel up to 15-30 miles at the top speed of 15 miles per hour. This 36V battery can supply 8 Amps of current continuously.

Adjustable Saddle

Though this bike is low in height but it offers adjustable saddle for your perfect pedaling and complete comfort. The saddle can be adjusted between 27.3 inches to 44.1 inches. This saddle would work well for tall people (between 5’10” and 6’1”) but short people may suffer.

Other Features

This mountain bike offers anti-slip Wanda tires along with the 20 inches wheels. The combination of the wheel and tire gives you the best riding experience. With 7 gears transmission system and a premium front fork, it ensures you enjoy rides every time.

More so, the bright LED headlamp and horn are another great addition to this bike. You can travel easily at night with the help of a bright headlamp. The horn of the bike is another safety feature and lets you aware people of your presence.

This E-bike provides different working modes too- Assisted Bicycle and E-bike. You can easily choose the electric-assist power with the 3-speed smart button. The 3 level assists of the pedal assistant mode; low, mid, and high lets you adjust the assist power. This bike can be used for both daily use and adventure.


    • Motor: 250W powerful motor for high-speed riding.
    • Frame: Durable aluminum-based collapsible frame.
    • Tires: Anti-slip firmly attached Wanda tires.
    • Gears: 7-speed gear transmission system.
    • Modes: 2 modes- E-bike and Assisted bicycle.
    • Brake: Front and rear disc brakes with.
    • Safety: Horn and bright LED headlight.


    • 15-30 miles travel range at 15 MPH top speed in a single charge.
    • Up to 330 lbs high weight holding capacity.
    • Anti-slip Wanda tires.
    • 3 level assistance-based assisted bicycle modes.
    • Carbon steel made front fork.
    • Powerful 8Ah 36V removable lithium-ion battery.
    • 3 level smart button for easier assist adjustment.
    • Adjustable saddle for comfortable pedaling.


    • Not suitable for short people.
    • The battery takes a long time to be charged.

5. Goplus Folding Electric Bike

Folding Head Design

This GoPlus E-bike comes with a folding head design. The bike can be folded easily and store in a minimal space when it’s not in service. The folding condition is also designed for convenient transportation. You can put the bike into the trunk of your car or carry it on the bus or subway easily.

Better Safety Features

GoPlus 350W lightweight electric bike features front headlight, braking tail light, and horn. These features provide better safety. Along with these, the bike has a rear disc brake that provides the reliable stopping power and greater control. The bike has been designed specially that could decrease the happen of accidents significantly. Additionally, the tires of the vehicle feature with the shock-absorbent tire. The shock-absorbent tires provide excellent riding experience. You can also ride freely in the dark environment with its front light.

Cruise Control System

This E-bike features a smart feature named the cruise control system. This system allows the bike to proceed at a constant speed and decreases the unnecessary speed change to save power. it also provides a smooth and convenient riding experience to the rider.

Smart App

The manufacturer features an app with the bike. This app helps to get a better riding experience. You can adjust the speed, obtain controller temperature, lock the bike, or get other necessary information from the app. The app was designed to improve the riding experience of the rider.

Other Features:

This bike comes with 350W powerful motor and can reach up to 19 MPH top speed. This bike can travel up to 12.5 miles in a single charge. It uses a 36V lithium-ion battery and the battery takes 3-4 hours to be charged fully. This bike can hold up to 265 pounds of weight.


    • Motor: Powerful 350W motor.
    • Battery: 36V Lithium-ion battery.
    • Speed: 19 MPH max speed with 12.5 miles travel range.
    • Safety: Horn, braking tail light, front light, and rear disc brake.
    • Frame: Foldable head designed-based frame.


    • 12-inch shock-absorbent tires.
    • Smart app supporting system.
    • Friendly design, easy to carry.
    • Cruise control system.
    • 350W powerful motor with 36V lithium-ion battery.
    • Compact, Lightweight, Stylish, and folding head design.


    • Works best only on the flat ground.
    • Smaller tires can’t provide much stability.

Folding Electric Bike Buying Guide

Before you decide to buy a new foldable electric bike, you should look for some features and abilities to get the best bike. Here are some factors mentioned which you should follow:


When you buy a bike, you buy it for using for several years. But if the bike isn’t strong enough then you may need to change the bike after a short period.  That’s why the frame of the bike is important. The frame is the main part that makes the bike durable. So, choose a durable material based (such as aluminum or stainless steel) constructed bike can serve you longer and save your bulks.


Brake is a very important safety feature of any vehicle. So, always get a bike which offers a powerful braking system. Nowadays, most of the foldable E-bikes offer disc brake. Disc brake provides reliable stopping power which lets you get full control over the bike.


An electric foldable bike mainly runs with the power of the motor. If you need high speed then go for the bike that offers powerful motor. When you have a powerful motor, you’ll get an effortless and enjoyable riding experience. More so, a powerful motor increases your confidence on the road. So, always try to get a bike with a powerful motor.


As an E-bike, power is important as you need assistance while riding. The motor of the bike runs with the power of the battery. That’s why it’s important to get a bike with a powerful battery. Additionally, don’t forget to look after the charging time of the battery. On the other hand, choose a bike that offers a removable battery. Because if you have one, you can change it on the way in case of an emergency.


Comfort matters. You won’t get comfortable riding if your bike’s seat isn’t comfortable. So, choose a bike with a comfortable seat. Besides, choose the bike that offers adjustable seat height and handlebar to get complete comfort and perfect pedaling.

Headlight and Horn

Headlight and horn are two important additions to the safety feature. Horn lets you aware the people about your presence and headlight lets you ride freely in dark conditions. Get a bike with a bright headlight and horn. On the other hand, some e-bikes also offer braking tail light. This is another safety feature.

Wheels and Tires

For riding on 2-wheelers, wheels and tires are so important. You must choose a bike that offers strong wheels and anti-slip tires. Remember, bigger wheels provide better stability. So, try to pick a bike with thick tires and strong wheels. Strong wheel can hold more weight.


A better suspension system provides you stable and comfortable riding experience on the road. And in a long riding, comfort matters. So, get one that offers a good suspension system so that you can enjoy the riding.

Other Features

Besides those mains features, you should also look for some additional features too; such as fenders, easy folding capability, app-connected system, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • What is the best folding electric bike on the market?

– There are a lot of reputed E-bike manufacturer companies that manufacture electric bikes. They bring new models with different features to meet different requirements of the people. So, we can’t name a single bike the best for you. It depends on your needs. Different people have different requirements. Just go for that bike which can meet your requirements fully.

  • What is the lightest folding electric bike?

– The Shaofu Folding Electric Bicycle 350W 36V Waterproof E-Bike is only 26.5 pounds in weight and it’s known as the lightest folding electric bike.

  • Why are folding bikes so popular?

– Foldable bikes are easy to carry, come in affordable price range, easy to store, easy to maintain, feature a lot of useful and user-friendly features. That’s why folding bikes are so popular.

  • Are folding bikes durable?

– Yes, most of the foldable bikes have aluminum alloy frame and they are durable enough.

  • What is the best folding bicycle?

– Many companies manufacture folding bikes and the different bike has different features and abilities. That is the best folding bike for you which can fulfill your requirement. So, check carefully which one is eligible and that’s the best folding bike for you.

  • Are folding bikes safe?

– Yes, folding bikes are safe,

  • Are folding bike tires good?

– Yes. The tires of foldable bikes are good. Most tires come with safety features such as anti-slip.

  • Can folding bikes go uphill?

– Yes, most of the folding bikes are powerful enough to go uphill,

  • Can Uber carry bikes?

– Yes, Uber carries bikes and this service is named Uber Pedal. This is basically for the cyclist. But you have to pay extra for carrying bikes.

  • Are bikes allowed on buses and Train?

– Yes, carrying bikes on the bus and train is allowed.

You can place the bike on the front rack of the bus or the train rack in the USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK. But in the UK, you can’t carry bike during peak travel times (weekdays 07:00 – 10:00 and 16:00 – 19:00)


We’ve reviewed 5 top best folding electric bikes available on the market in detail. These 5 bikes are great as foldable E-bike and each of them has different features and abilities. You can pick any of them. Every single bike is able to satisfy you by meeting tour requirements. But we highly recommend you to choose carefully before buying. You should pick that one which is suitable most to meet your needs.

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