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When it comes to Firmstrong bikes, people prefer simplicity and longevity over anything else. A bike made from good quality materials and good design features along with an affordable price tag is what people strive to look for. Thus, this firmstrong bikes review guide will feature all the best bikes that are currently available and make it easier for buyers to look for the best features which come along with these bicycles. This review also features some technical knowledge so that people can quickly identify a good firmstrong bike. More often than not, buying anything from online will involve a lot of hassle as customers are flooded with multiple products along with plenty of marketing tactics that will make them confused while deciding to purchase a product. That is why this firmstrong bicycle reviews will answer all the important questions related to this product and save you time and headache!

At A Glance Best Firmstrong Bikes 2022

Image Name Price Frame Wheel
Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle Firmstrong Urban Man Check Price Steel 26 Inch 4.9/5
Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle Firmstrong Bruiser Check Price Steel 26 Inch 4.6/5
Firmstrong Chief Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle Firmstrong Chief Check Price Steel 26 Inch 4.4/5
Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle Firmstrong Urban Lady Check Price Steel 20 Inch 4.5/5
Firmstrong Bella Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle Firmstrong Bella Check Price Steel 26 Inch 4.4/5
Firmstrong Chief Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle Firmstrong Chief Lady Check Price Steel 26 Inch 4.5/5

Top 6 Best Firmstrong Bicycle Reviews 2022:

01. Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

When you are looking for a vehicle to cruise the beach, simplicity is all you want. A bike that can give you comfort along with some handy features will help you carry out your day to day tasks and that is what the Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle excels at doing. After read firmstrong beach cruiser reviews It does not boast a lot of features, but it sports a classic design and features all the things that one could want from a beach cruiser. This bike is made from high-quality materials and performs admirably.

This bike is also affordably priced, offering great performance and comfort. One more thing about this bike is that it looks great. This bicycle has a very strong and rigid steel frame that can support an adult male of 5”5”. With a 19” frame and a 26” wheels, and an oversized dual spring saddle, the Urban Man helps riders stay upright while riding. The braking mechanism of this bike also works flawlessly.

This is a bike that is great for casual rides and the design of this bike helps to ease pressure from the back, so it is great for riding across beaches for long periods of time. There is no cable cluttering in this bike, and you can cruise at a top speed of 15 miles per hour with this firmstrong bike. The best part about this bike is that it comes 80 percent assembled right out of the box, so you can quickly set it up and start riding on this thing. Many people have talked highly about this bike and that is why the firmstrong urban man beach cruiser bicycle review features mostly good things about this bike. Offering a mix of form and function, this bicycle is one of the top choices of beach cruisers and that is why it is featured as the first product in our firmstrong reviews guide.


    • The easy braking mechanism for pleasant rides
    • The bike comes with one gear and features a single speed cruising system
    • The bike can fit men of 5 feet and 5 inches
    • Uncluttered design
    • The bike can reach a top speed of 15 miles per hour


    • This bike comes 80 percent assembled right out of the box
    • It comes with a very affordable price tag
    • Rigid frame takes pressure from the back while riding


    • Some people have faced problems while adjusting all the parts properly
    • The weight of the bike is a bit on the heavier side

2. Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Another affordably priced option on this list, the firmstrong bruiser man is an amazing beach cruiser that delivers high performance along with a comfortable ride. A primary reason for this bike to be on the firmstrong cruiser bike reviews guide is its great design and build quality. It is a great option for riding hills and rough terrains as the 26” wheel have a three-speed cruising mechanism which can shift quickly. The bike also looks a bit bulky thanks to the thick design of its top tube. The steel frame is of 19” and is strong and rigid, giving ample space between the rider and the handlebars. The braking mechanism also acts smoothly and is very easy to use while the tired are ballooned to give extra comfort to the rider and cushion them while riding across rough surfaces. The tires are also oversized to provide better comfort to the rider. The bike is designed to accommodate men from 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet and 4 inches. The bike can cruise at a speed of 15 miles per hour and offers a no frill riding experience.


    • Three-speed cruising mechanism that can shift quickly while riding across hills
    • The tires are ballooned to provide extra cushion
    • The tires are oversized and come with dual springs for added comfort
    • The handlebars are very wide and come with synthetic grips made from leather
    • The rear brakes are very to use


    • The bike offers affordable quality
    • The seats are comfortable, and the wheels are wide
    • Modern design that looks great


    • Handlebars are not durable and break easily
    • The wheels also break easily after only a few months of usage

3. Firmstrong Chief Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

The Firmstrong Chief Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle is specifically designed to meet the growing needs of every bicycle enthusiasts in the world. This bike is known to fuse style with high-quality performance. The Chief Man bike is safe to ride for long for periods of time while being extremely comfortable. It features a single-speed cruising mechanism and the frame is elongated, which makes it a great choice for tall riders as this bike can fit them easily. The pedalling design of this bike features a forward style and this helps to keep the seat closer to the ground. This design also provides ample room for proper leg extension, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. The 17-inch steel frame is very durable and keeps the bike rigid and upright. It also sports a high-arching top tube design along with 26-inch wheels that are wide enough to accommodate tall riders while offering great performance. The Firmstrong Chief Man also comes with ballooned tires which provide extra cushion to the rider. Last but not least, this bike features an easy rear braking mechanism that works smoothly. Combining innovative design with an affordable price tag, the Firmstrong Chief Man bike can ride smoothly across challenging terrain and offers a fun cruising experience across beaches.


    • 26-inch single speed cruising
    • The 17-inch steel frames are rigid and durable
    • High-arching top tube design
    • Ballooned tires provide extra cushion to the rider
    • The forward pedaling system helps to keep the seat closer to the ground
    • Wide 26-inch aluminum wheels provide proper room for leg extension
    • The rear braking mechanism is very easy to use and works smoothly


    • The elongated frame helps tall riders to cruise comfortably
    • Perfect for casual riding
    • The design of the bike helps to mitigate the bumps across rough terrains


    • Some people have complained about getting bad riding experience
    • The bike keeps braking, hampering the riding experience

4. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

This 26-inch firmstrong bike features a seven-speed cruising mechanism that is perfect for riding across hilly areas and offers the rider many different speed options. This Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle review also sports a classic curvy cruiser design made from high-quality materials. The 15-inch steel frames are very durable, and it also comes with aluminum wheels. The thing that separated this bike from the other brands is its ease of use and comfortable riding experience that is unmatched by other bikes. A bike with a simple design that can ride with faster speeds thanks to its seven-speed cruiser mechanism, the Firmstrong Urban Lady fulfills the main purpose of recreational cruising across beaches with flawless precision. The front and rear handbrakes of this bike are operated by its handlebars which helps this bike to achieve more precise and accurate braking power. The ballooned tires feature a white-wall color, and this adds to the comfortability of the bike. It also helps this bike to shield its rider from bumps on the road. The tires are oversized and come with a dual spring mechanism which also adds to the comfort factor and ensures smooth rides. The handlebars are very wide and have foaming grips which help to get more traction while riding. Women from 5 to 6 feet tall can ride this bike comfortably and the maximum load capacity of this bike is 300 pounds. This lightweight bike for women delivers powerful performance and is a perfect beach cruiser for casual rides.


    • The 26-inch seven-speed cruiser mechanism allows the bike to reach faster speeds
    • The rear braking mechanism is easy to use
    • Features a durable steel framework and comes with aluminum wheels
    • The bike can reach a top speed of 30 miles per hour
    • The tires are ballooned to add extra cushioning to the rider
    • The oversized seat that comes with dual springs to add more comfort
    • The front and rear handbrakes can be operated by the handlebars which help to give precise braking power to the bike


    • A bike with a great design and an affordable price tag
    • The seat is very comfortable
    • Provides ample leg room and can reach very high speeds


    • The bike is only good for casual riding and nothing more
    • The tire can often scrub while making sharp turns

5. Firmstrong Bella Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle

A bike with simple design and a great price, the Firmstrong Bella Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle comes with a 26-inch strong steel frame which is well built and very rigid, allowing the rider to stay upright while making sharp turns. The bike features a suspension seat which adds to the comfort factor of this bike. The bike only offers one gear and is a single speed cruiser, ideal for casual and fun rides. The bike is also extremely easy to operate and sports an uncluttered design that is easy on the eye. The pedals are easy and overall the bike delivers a very smooth riding experience. The rear coaster brakes are simple and easy to use and can be operated by the handlebars of this bike. The tires are 2.125 inches wide and the whitewall construction easily grips to the surface, offering ample friction to the rider. It also features a simple yet effective design which helps to ride this bike across rough terrains without feeling the bumps on the ride, thus helping the rider to go long distances without facing any hassle.


    • The 26-inch frame made from steel is durable and solid
    • The seat can be suspended, offering greater comfort
    • Single speed cruising mechanism for simple navigation
    • Rear coaster brakes are easy to operate
    • 125-inch-wide tires can easily grip to the surface
    • The bike can absorb bumps on the road, offering a smooth riding experience


    • The bike is a great choice for fun rides across beaches
    • The bike offers comfortable rides
    • The bike offers great value at an affordable price


    • The tires can feel cheap and wear down quickly
    • The overall construction of the bike is not durable enough

6. Firmstrong Chief Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

This Firmstrong bike is specifically designed for women and sports a 26-inch three-speed cruising mechanism that can shift quickly which makes it an ideal option to navigate across hilly areas. The elongated frame of this bike can accommodate tall riders. The bike also sports a forward pedaling framework which helps to keep the seat closer to the ground and provides ample space for proper leg extension. The entire frame of this bike features a classic curvy design which is aerodynamic and 19-inch steel frame is very durable and rigid. The bike also comes with aluminum wheels, which makes it last longer and it brings more value to the rider. The white-wall tires are ballooned which means that the bike can provide more cushioning to the rider. The coaster brakes are also very easy to use and operate swiftly, giving more braking power to the rider. The bike can accommodate women from 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 4 inches tall. A specially designed bike for tall riders, the Firmstrong Chief Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle offers a high-quality bike riding experience at an affordable price and features all the good things from Firmstrong, which is a very trusted name in the casual biking community.


    • Forward pedaling design helps to keep the seat close to the ground and provides ample space for proper leg extension
    • Ideal for casual rides and can accommodate tall riders
    • Rear coasters are very to operate and provides good braking power
    • The steel framework of the bike is durable and rigid
    • The three-speed cruiser can operate smoothly across hilly terrain
    • Ballooned white-wall tires for extra cushioning


    • The bike can be easily assembled
    • The bike offers ample space for tall riders
    • It delivers solid bike riding performance


    • The price tag is a bit too high for some customers
    • Some bikes get dented upon delivery

Firmstrong Bikes Buying Guide

Now this firmstrong bike reviews guide will feature the top highlights behind a great firmstrong bicycle.


All firmstrong bikes feature a simplistic design that makes it an appealing choice for customers. The bikes are designed for a specific purpose: casual riding across beaches and these bikes deliver on that end. Being simple doesn’t mean that the bikes have to sacrifice on style, and all the bikes in this review feature stylish designs that are easy on the eye and great to look at. No one wants to buy a bike that looks ugly yet filled with tons of features, and so firmstrong have used their wealth of experience in the industry to design cool bikes that deliver great performance.


The best bikes need to be made with high-quality materials that make it durable. A firmstrong bike would not be rated highly if it broke down only after a couple of months of usage, so the best bikes from this brand feature a steel frame that is durable and rigid at the same time. The bikes also come with aluminum wheels that add to the longevity factor of the bikes and make them last for a long time.


A bike would not be liked if it was not comfortable to ride on. Thus, these firmstrong bikes feature innovative designs such as the white-wall ballooned tires which gives the bikes extra cushioning to shield the riders from bumps on the road. Another feature employed by these firmstrong bikes is that they feature oversized tires with dual springs that are good at absorbing shockwaves which riders may face while going through uneven surfaces, thus adding more comfort for the riders and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride.


Price is an important aspect behind any product, be it a bike or other things. If a bicycle is priced too high, it will put off many customers as they will shy away from buying an expensive product. Thus, bikes should feature competitive pricing that is easy on the wallet and allows the customer more freedom to purchase that product.


One of the most important aspects of riding a bicycle is its braking power. Most of the firmstrong bikes feature rear coaster brakes that are very easy to operate, and it can be activated by the handlebars of the bikes. This gives the rider more braking power along with a frontal braking mechanism that gives more precise stopping power.


Bikes should be able to accommodate tall riders as well as average-sized riders. To make it easier for tall riders to operate bikes, firmstrong features some innovative design solutions such as the forward pedaling design which keeps the seat closer to the ground and provides ample room for proper leg extension.


Last but not the least, speed is another important element behind a bike. If a bike cannot reach respectable speeds, it will put off many riders as it will provide a limiting experience to the rider. Thus, bikes that feature a three-speed cruising mechanism or the seven0speed cruiser bikes with plenty of gears can assist the rider into reaching impressive speeds of more than 20 miles per hour, which is adequate for experiencing a no-frills fun ride across beaches.


  • Is there a difference between Men’s and Women’s Cruisers?

Men’s and Women’s bikes almost sport identical features, but they vary drastically in design and color options. While Men’s bikes have streamlined frames for better aerodynamic performance, women’s cruisers feature a classic curvy design. But it is important to note that both designs have durable frames and offer almost identical riding performance.

  • Are Beach Cruisers expensive?

Most beach cruisers are not expensive, but that is not to say that there are some models which come with a steep price tag. Most beach cruisers fall under the $300 category. You can also find some Firmstrong Men’s bikes under the $200 price tag, which is a great price for a bike that offers such a fun riding experience.

  • Which Beach Cruiser is the right Cruiser for me?

If you are a tall rider, it is important to find a beach cruiser that gives ample leg room for proper leg extension. Bikes with spacious designs and good safety features are good for tall and short riders alike. The good thing is that the Firmstrong bikes featured in this review are all durable and have plenty of safety features, so if you are looking for a casual ride, then these bikes are the ideal option for you.

  • How to use the brakes on the bikes?

The bikes feature rear coaster brakes that are simple and easy to get a hold of, and the frontal and rear handbrakes are placed on the handlebars, making it easily accessible by hand.

  • Can these beach cruisers handle rough uneven surfaces?

Yes, the firmstrong bikes can handle rough and challenging terrain because it has double springs and a good suspension mechanism that helps the bikes to absorb the shockwaves and evenly distribute it throughout the frame of the bike, so you won’t feel the vibrations. This ensures a smooth riding experience.

  • Can these bikes ride across hilly areas?

Yes, the firmstrong bikes can easily tackle hilly areas as the three-speed cruising mechanism shifts quickly and readily.

  • What is the maximum weight capacity of the firmstrong bikes?

The firmstrong bikes can carry a maximum weight of 300 pounds and can fit up to 6 feet and 4 inches tall person.

  • What is the maximum cruising speed of these bikes?

Most of the bikes featured in this firmstrong reviews guide can cruise at a top speed of 15 miles per hour while the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle can reach a maximum cruising speed of 30 miles per hour, which is amazing for a bike of this class.

  • Does the bikes come fully assembled?

No, most of the firmstrong bikes come with 80 percent assembled parts, while the rest can be assembled by you or you can take it to a bicycle technician to assemble the remaining parts for you.

  • What kind of tools or equipment do I need to assemble the bike by myself?

You would need a wrench to fit the screws in tightly and an Allen key which is shipped along with the bike.

  • Is the seat made with real leather or synthetic leather?

The seats of the firmstrong bikes are made with synthetic leather which performs identically to real leather and is a durable material.

  • How heavy is the bike?

Most of the bikes are a bit heavy and can weigh up to 40 pounds.

  • How comfortable are the seats for long bike rides?

The seat is very comfortable, and you can usually ride the bike for more than an hour without feeling any kind of discomfort.

  • Are firmstrong bikes any good?

Short answer It’s good. They made quality cruiser bikes for their customers. Also, they have excellent customer feedback.

  • Where are Firmstrong bikes manufactured?

Firmstrong brands made cruiser bikes based in California, United States

Why This Firmstrong Bikes Review?

This review has performed a comprehensive checkup of the features of the firmstrong bikes and meticulously tested all the bikes to see if the advertised features are accurate or not. It lists a lot of items to help the buyer decide whether on purchasing a firmstrong bike and talks about the good sides and the bad sides behind the men’s bikes and women’s bikes. The review has also examined various user data on online sites to paint a real-world picture of how the bike performs once it’s purchased from the manufacturer. This comprehensive review also features a buying guide to help customers identify the most important features behind a beach cruiser and tries to inform them about why these features are so important for a beach cruiser.


Firmstrong has managed to build a solid reputation for building simple bikes with classic designs that deliver solid performance over the last decade. The firmstrong bicycle reviews tries to highlight all the groundbreaking features that make this brand one of the top ones in the beach cruising segment. Most of these bikes come with an affordable price tag and does what is advertised, giving a great no-frills fun riding experience. That is why these firmstrong bikes enjoy plenty of positive reviews online and due to this word of mouth, the bikes are being bought by a lot of people.

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