Retrospec Mantra Fixie Bicycle
Retrospec Mantra Fixie Bicycle
Best Value
Retrospec Bicycles AMOK V2
Retrospec Bicycles AMOK V2
Premium Pick
Retrospec Bicycles Sid-7 Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle
Retrospec Bicycles Sid-7 Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle
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Purchasing a bike is challenging, especially if the right guidance is not available. Besides, it might be hard to distinguish an original bike from the counterfeits. The fact has made most people conclude that original and high-quality bikes do not exist. This article aims at disapproving of this belief.

If you are looking for a high-quality bike, then this should be your manual. It comes after intensive research. Thus, it will offer an expert like guidance. It consists of samples of high-quality bikes that you can consider while purchasing a bike. Moreover, there is a buyer’s guide. The guide is well-detailed with all the highlights that you should consider when buying a retrospect bike. Nevertheless, this article has answers to the frequently asked questions with retrospec bikes reviews

Top 3 Best Retrospec Bikes Reviews 2022

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1. Retrospec Mantra Fixie Bicycle

Retrospec Mantra with Sealed Bearing Hubs is one of the most leading fixed-gear bike models because of many reasons. What makes it stand out are ingenious yet simple design and the impressive sealed cartridge bearing hubs.

Urban cyclists love these hubs as they make your riding smooth while also improving the durability and lengthening the lifespan of the wheels. A flip-flop hub on the rear wheels also lets you shift from fixed-gear to single-speed and vice versa.

The fork and frame are made with hand-built high-tensile strength steel and tig-welded for a reliable and comfortable ride. They also feature barspin clearance, horizontal dropouts, and no toe overlap. You can use this bike for commuting to work, competing in an alley race, cruising on the beach and everything in between.

Platform pedals come with removable FGFS straps to help you keep your feet from sliding off. Other excellent features of this bicycle include the double-wall deep V Stars rims, Kenda Kwest commuter tires with rounded treads and water dispersion grooves, an integrated seat clamp, and included bike tools.

This bike features reflectors and while not in use, the bike even has a kickstand mount for easy parking. And to keep you comfortable and hydrated throughout your riding, it comes with a water bottle holder. It is a perfect choice for commuting and cruising around the city.

There are two color options available for the Retrospec Mantra color schemes including black and red and crimson. Go with the color that suits your style.


  • The wheels have the kwenda kwest tires
  • It has a flip flop hub and deep v-rims
  • The frames design is perfect for commuting
  • It has large water dispersion grooves

    • Easy shifting between fixed gear and single-speed with a flip-flop hub
    • Pedals with FGFS straps
    • Stable and lightweight steel frame
    • It is a multi-mode riding bike
    • The wheels are very durable
    • It is available at an affordable budget


    • Instead of road drop handlebars, it comes with flat handlebars
    • The frames are flimsy

2. Retrospec Bicycles AMOK V2

An excellent blend of allure and practicality, this urban warrior can conquer the contest on and off the road. Amok V2 boasts a highly reliable and durable construction to ease your commuting and cyclocross or commuting experience. Perfectly sealed hubs and bearings allow you to cruise for miles without a hitch. It’s a superb bike to ride and can handle whatever adventure you throw at it.

The frame and fork are made of high-tech steel. Unlike ordinary weighty steel frame, it is very lightweight yet ultra-strong to take on the rough trail. This is a material that is more durable, dependable and with improved corrosion resistance. The geometry of the frame is ideal for responsive and flexible steering. And the top tube is angled properly to make carrying the bike easy. All the cables are also attached to the top side of the top tube.

Amok V2 is equipped with quality bearings that are protected and sealed from the elements. The seal works to keep the effects of water and dirt to a minimum, providing healthy, durable hubs. You get less rolling resistance, meaning you get more acceleration with every stroke of the pedal. And due to the sealed technology, it requires minimum maintenance.

The drivetrain has advanced light action Shimano Altus groupset that embraces a race-inspired design. The entry-level components that you get deliver a wide gear range with an aggressive look. The crankset offers a 42T chain ring which is race-oriented. Thumb-operated microshift shifters make the shifting of gear solid and smooth without sacrificing ergonomics.

700C Double-wall rims improve the performance of the wheels. These rims offer better weight to strength ratio, which keeps the wheels more balanced. The Kenda small block 8 tires on the wheels provide fast acceleration. And for better grip and traction, these tires have several knobs that create multiple contact points. It is also equipped with Cantilever brakes that are perfectly tuned for control and precision.


  • Flat and rigid handlebars
  • Cables on the tops side of the top tube
  • Steel construction with high-tech Chromoly 4130 steel revering
  • Shimano Altus derailleur and micro shift thumb shifter for timely shifting
  • It has cantilever brakes for precision and control

    • 4130 Chromoly frame, Hand-built
    • 9-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain
    • Double-walled rims
    • Kenda Small Block 8 Tires
    • Cantilever Brakes
    • Minimum maintenance


    • Needs to be assembled

3. Retrospec Bicycles Sid-7 Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle

The last one in our Retrospec bike review is the Retrospec Diamond Frame Urban Commuter Road Bicycle. It is another excellent city commuter bike. Its hand-built lightweight diamond steel frame is designed with an upright position, making it perfect for urban commuting, exercise as well as leisure rides. The bike boasts a vintage design with a rear rack and a chrome bullet front light. This also adds a special retro appeal.

The drivetrain of this bike is utilized with Shimano 7-speed for the urban hybrid rider. It has the same tig-welded, hand-built fork and frame made with high-tensile strength steel. The geometry of the frame and the steel tubing enable a softer ride. This bike also has front and rear fenders that prevent dirt, mud, rainwater from reaching you while the wheel is running.

The Kenda Kwest tires have large water dispersion grooves. These 700x35C tires provide excellent grip for a steady ride. These tires are the perfect touring/hybrid tire designed with smooth rounded tread. This bicycle is equipped with front and rear alloy brakes to keep you in control of your ride. Thanks to these brakes, you can safely stop wherever you want or need.

This bike comes with an advanced component set that is ideal for riding around town, exercise, and on the beach. However, it doesn’t come entirely assembled, but it does come with all the needed assembly tools and manual instruction.


  • It has the geometry brakes which are very flat and durable
  • The wheels are of resilient materials
  • Its design encourages the right riding posture
  • The operations are quite simple

    • Shimano 7-Speed Drivetrain utilized for providing power to the bikes.
    • RevoShift grip shifters for control and speed
    • Front and rear alloy brakes
    • Tires can grip the ground for a steady ride.
    • Front and Rear Fenders
    • Rear-rack


    • Requires assembling after purchasing

Retrospec Bike Buying Guide

Before purchasing a bike from Retrospec or any other manufacturer for that matter, it is important that you think hard and long about your preferences and needs as well as what activities you plan on doing with your new bike. Here are some of the things that you should consider when choosing a bike.

Purpose of your bike

Consider the activities you may do or plan on doing with your bike and how often you may want to use it.

Usually, Retrospec bikes are designed for the daily city road commuters and recreational cyclists. So their features are not as rugged as something like a mountain bike.

For instance, the steel frame is lightweight so you can go considerably fast on the smooth road while stable enough to carry saddle bags. The slim tires also reduce air resistance and make for a fast ride whether you are commuting or exercising. But these tires are not well-suited for gravel or dirt paths and mountain trails.

Landscape and Topography

The next thing should be in your consideration is the topography of your city or town since this will also determine whether you need a single-speed bike or a multi-speed bike. All bikes from Retrospec feature a fixed-gear design so they may not be well-suited for hilly regions.

As they lick multiple gears, it will be pretty hard for the rider to go up or down slopes and hills. However, this design makes maintaining the bike a lot easier due to the lack of shifting cables.


Brakes are a critical part of the bike. With faulty brakes, you might unknowingly be signing your death certificate. Thus, it is very crucial to ensure that the brakes are very professional. Among things you should consider in the brakes, first, they should ensure maximum control of the rider. The rider should effortlessly shift bikes with minimum possible energy. Also, they should be very precise and respond on time.


Construction and the design of the handlebars are very vital. The handlebars should be of high-strength materials to ensure that they can last longer. Also, the design of the handlebars should encourage a danger-free sitting posture. Nevertheless, they should be highly flexible to ensure that the rider has maximum control over the bike.


Wheels are prone to a lot of friction and very harsh conditions. Hence the construction of the bike should promise a longevity of the wheels despite the harsh conditions. The wheels should have very durable tires such as the kwenda kwest tires. To get a sample of such bikes, you can visit the retrospec bike review.


When choosing a bike, another important thing to consider is its comfort. If you do not feel comfortable during your bike riding, you are less likely to take it out for commute or stroll.

Therefore, look for features that improve the comfort level to make sure you can make the most of your bike. To easily get on and off your bike, look for one with a step-thru frame. And make sure the bike frame and handlebars do not force you to sit too far back from the handlebars. They should let you ride in an upright, relaxed position to make it easy to stand up on your feet when you stop.

The frame should also be the proper height and size. Don’t worry, now many Retrospec bike models come in different sizes.


  • What is the weight limit on Retrospec bikes?

The weight limit on Retrospec’s adult bikes is 220lbs. The components of the bike can experience stress and may wrap or break when the weight limit is exceeded.

  • Where are Retrospec bikes are made?

Retrospec bikes are manufactured in China.

  • What should I consider when purchasing a bike?

There are several aspects that you should regard when purchasing a bike.  Among the things that you should consider are the brakes, the wheels, frames, size of the bike, and much more. Go through this review to get the details of the key things that you should look for in a bike.

  • Which are the most recommendable bikes for beginners?

If you are a beginner, you should ensure that the bike has the simplest operations. Also, the brakes should be stress-free. They should be very timely and precise. Also, ensure that all the parts of the bike are of the right size to avoid any strain while riding.

  • My brakes are faulty what should I do?

Faulty brakes are very dangerous for the rider. If your budget allows, you should immediately purchase a new bike. To get a bike that will ensure that your brakes are of high quality, visit the retrospec saint urban bike review. Also, if your budget is not convenient at the moment, you can look for nearby repairs or else abstain from the road for a moment.

  • Can I assemble my bike?

Yes, however, it is highly recommended to seek help from a professional bike mechanic. Although the assembly instruction is provided, crucial components of your bike may require an extra set of eyes. Asking a professional’s help isn’t necessary but it is certainly recommended.

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Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, purchasing a bike is not a walk in the park. So, if you are planning to purchase a bike, know that you require some critical guidance. However, that is not a reason to worry. This manual has the retrospec bike review which has samples of high-quality bikes that you can consider purchasing.

These bikes are of high-quality materials, thus promises to last longer. Nevertheless, you will not require a huge budget to purchase this item. Some of them come with a warranty. Also, you will get a buyer’s guide which has details on the key aspects that you should put into consideration. It is a very detailed guide that will clear any dilemma. Moreover, you will get answers to the frequently asked questions.

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