Road or off-road, bike is the best choice to explore with. Road bikes are perfect for regular paved roads while mountain bikes are the right option to win over rough terrain.

However, a rider should choose the bike depending on his need. It feels awesome to enjoy the beautiful sunset on the hilltop resting your hand on a mountain bike. On the other hand, going to college with a road bike sounds great.

But, what will happen if you swap these two for both scenarios? Seems wrong indeed.

In this article, I’ll show a comparison between road bike vs mountain bike so that you can pick the best one.

Hope the riders will love the write-up while being readers as well!

Recommended Road Bike And Mountain Bike

Road Bike Vs Mountain Bike: A Competitive Study

First things first: What is your main purpose?

If you are planning to buy a bike, the very first question you need to ask is – why am I getting a bike? Allow me to elaborate.

Road bikes are widely used to move around in paved roads. Going to the workplace, moving around the city, improving mental happiness, burn some calories, these could be the purposes for buying a road bike. It can be used for racing too. Besides, best flat bar road bikes are popular choices for comfortable and efficient riding on the road.

On the other hand, if the riding terrain is rough or you are planning for regular hiking and looking for special health benefits such as escalating brain power by exploring the nature, then a mountain bike is the ultimate choice.

The issue of speed

In the issue of speed, Road bike defeats the mountain bike. The light structure allows the road bike to move faster. Tires are speedy and smaller too. Overall, this light structure furnishes a road bike with good rolling resistance.

Riding on rough territory may reduce the bike speed. Mountain bikes permit you to cross both the peaks and rough landscapes smoothly. Also, these bikes are equipped with shock absorbers & wide tires. The shock absorber subdues some of the biker’s power when applied to the paddle. Wide tires cover wide areas. This combination decreases the speed which is important for riding on rough terrain.

Taking good care of your health

Riding on both bikes will ensure your health benefit. Learning the exact benefits provided by these bikes separately will help you go for the correct option.

If you are interested in burning some calories, boost up your heart condition, select the road bike. The aerodynamic advantage and high speed of road bikes are helpful for calorie burning. This may decrease the risk of hypertension & stroke. In addition to that, you won’t feel bored and most importantly, your sleeping problems could be solved.

For enhanced stamina, mountain bikes could be a better option. Biking on rough terrains will need you to focus on the tracks. A mountain bike will help you to maintain a better shape. Your movements will become flexible. Moreover, a mountain bike is also good for downhill riding. it is beneficial for balancing your body.

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Price Variations

When it comes to the prices of bikes, there is a wide variety of ranges depending on quality. You can find both bikes even under 200$. The maximum price can reach up to 10,000$. You may customize your bike with numerous features. More bucks you spend, more features you can add to your bike.


To increase your bike life, good maintenance is the primary requirement. Regarding the maintenance of mountain bikes and road bikes, the general procedure is the same.

Check whether the breaks are functioning perfectly. Wash your bike often & keep it clean. Lubricate the moving parts. Watch for signs of steady punctures in the tires.  A road bike should be cleaned monthly but a mountain bike needs to be cleaned more often.

Sizes and wheels

Choosing the correct size depends on your height. Your legs should be able to touch the ground while sitting on the bike seat. It is important for maintaining not only the comfort but also the balance and safety.

The measurement of mountain bikes always depends on frame size. These sizes may vary from small, small-medium, medium, large, extra-large, etc. To give you an idea, 13 inches to 15 inches can be considered as small while 19 inches to 21 inches can be considered as large. Extra-large sizes are available too. Mountain bike size guides offer detailed information about bike sizes. These smaller fashioned frames make mountain bikes suitable for rough terrains.

Wheel designs for mountain bikes are done in a manner to ensure swift movement. Wheels and rims come with specifications. For example, wheels can be of 25 inches, 29 inches, etc. with specific ISO measurements.

To measure the frame size, some criteria of mountain bike is used for road bikes. For example, 47cm to 48 cm can be considered as small while 56 cm to 58 cm can be considered as large. Extra-large sizes are available too.

Wheel sizes for road bikes are unique. Various wheel sizes with rim specifications are available. To show you how these measurements are, an example can be this:700c/622 mm X 19 mm (specification of the rim) are for adults.

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Point to be noted: Mountain Bike Can Be Used As A Road bike

If you have a mountain bike, you can use it as a road bike also. Mountain bikes are adaptable. It is constructed in such a manner that provides good balancing conditions. It’s wider wheels grip the road nicely and can be found in various sizes. It is also suitable for long distant traveling.

In the end

Road bikes and mountain bikes, both are stars in their world. To beat the uneven, rough surfaces, mountain bikes are the best, while road bikes rule over the streets of the town with their tremendous speed.

For this reason, in the debate between road bike vs mountain bike, we cannot simply take sides. My recommendation is: get educated, think smartly and then decide according to your requirements.

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